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Will Questions

Wills and Dementia

This question is a bit of a sideways look at Wills and dementia:

Will Question: My father was diagnosed with vascular dementia four years ago. My mother was then made his deputy through the Court of Protection.

My mother was very worried that my father had no will; so as a sensible precaution […]

Right To Reside For Dependant

Question: If my husband & I die without leaving a Will, will my 18 year old grand daughter who lives with us have rights on the house over my 2 married sons. I realise the sensible thing to do is to make a will but my husband is reluctant […]

IHT 7 Year Rule

My mother is considering making a will. If she leaves all her property to her children in her will, will there be any inheritance tax to pay if she passes away 7 years after making her will or does she physically have to transfer (“gift”) the assets to her […]

Charitable Giving

STEP Creates Model Clause for Wills to Boost Charitable Giving.
With the aim of giving charitable giving a boot, STEP  (The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) has published a draft model clause for wills in response to draft legislation proposing a reduced rate of Inheritance Tax (IHT) where there […]

Will The Family Lose Everything?

My father, who is 90 and owns his own home, wants to marry his 59-year-old live-in carer. Will she, when she is in widowed in due course, have rights under English law to his property – even should he leave her little or nothing in his will ?

 Answer: Need […]

“Age of Inheritance” – Over 55s Benefit Most

Inheritance in UK to peak in before 2050.
Inheritance of £1.1 trillion will be left in 2047, the peak of leaving an inheritance, reveals a new report by HSBC. The Age of Inheritance Report shows that, based on increasing life expectancy estimates, inheriting wealth is set to peak in 2047.  Levels of […]

Supreme Court verdict gives cohabitees more clarity

Supreme Court verdict gives cohabitees more clarity though urgent reform still is required
Cohabitees who are separating now have greater clarity about how their assets should be shared following a Supreme Court ruling today.

In welcoming the ruling, Law Society President John Wotton said:

“This judgement moves the law forward because it allows […]

Protect my Home

How can I protect my home?
I have been divorced for about 5 yrs now. Its was a horrendous 9 yrs before that. Anyway no settlement was ever made and the house is in both names. I know what a precarious situation it is. anyway I have been meaning to make […]