Why Use Us?

The Probate Department Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA number 61821

Here is why:

  • We’re friendly approachable and knowledgeable

and we’ll talk to you in plain English (and explain the necessary jargon in the documents in plain English).

  • We will give you the benefit of our experience

– many firms just say “What do you want to do?”  and they do exactly that without any questions, which can be disastrous.   We will get to know you and your situation, so that we can work with you to design the best possible solutions and not leave problems – which you may not even be aware of – ignored.  This may bring up serious issues, but we believe that our clients should at least have the opportunity of dealing with them.  Few people want to leave a legacy of chaos and bad feeling – but many do.

  • Horses mouth

We can’t promise that the person handling your case will be always available, but 4 times out of 5 you’ll be able to talk to a senior person when you ring with a question, and even our admin people are pretty well clued up.

  • Experience “Anyone can call themselves a Will Writer”

It is true – even firms who have never done as much as a days training on the subject in 30 years or people who buy a DIY “course” on eBay.   We are working to change this to stop people who don’t take the job seriously from advising.  Our people attend at the very least 2 days worth of updating training every year, and mostly several times that.  It is essential to keep us up to date so we can continue to advise you properly.

  • Ongoing Service

We are always available to our clients, but we also offer a specific ongoing service – called the Peace of Mind Service – to help keep up to date with changes in Tax, the Law and family circumstances as well as keeping everything secure.  An adviser should be your adviser for life.

  • Prices

Our prices are fair, they aren’t super cheap or expensive, though we do offer non-advice super cheap options so that most people can at least get something in place..  In 9 cases out of 10, the fixed price agreed to cover your requirements is what you will pay.  Sometimes, your situation will turn out to be more complex than expected, but that is unusual. Click for our normal full service fees for Last Will and Testament + 2 Minute Guide to Legal Planning

  • 50 Years Experience

Our current staff have in excess of 50 years experience in the field of Wills and Trusts and even more experience in related fields of law, accountancy and financial service which help us to give more rounded advice than would normally be available.


We can help you and yours.