When someone dies   why not check out www.TheProbateDepartment.co.uk

Registrar of Births and Deaths to see (get twice as many death certificates as you think you will need, people to notify, undertaker to chose (unless there is a pre-paid funeral plan), funeral itself to arrange, hymns and poems to chose, invitations to send – who should be invited afterwards, memorials to consider, newspaper advert to place, bucket loads of paperwork to be done, banks, employers and insurance companies, local authorities, at a time when you may not feel up to it – you may need some time to grieve, and some banks and solicitors charge an enormous amount for doing the paperwork for you (we have seen up to 5% of the estate quoted, and solicitors charging their full hourly rate of £140- £200 an hour PLUS a “responsibility” element of 1.5% of the value of an estate. All plus VAT.

Our favourites for helping to sort out the legal issues The Probate Department Ltd are not the cheapest on the market (they need to pay sensible wages to attract decent staff) but is is more economical than two thirds of them, and (we believe) offer a higher standard of service with a home visits.  They also offer a FREE GUIDE to What To Do On Death

We think they can speed up payments to beneficiaries enough to allow most of their fees to be recovered by popping the cash into a deposit account (though for most people it is more about avoiding the hassle and potential family squabbles!)

They AUTOMATICALLY check to see if any Inheritance Tax savings are possible, which could cut the IHT bill by as much as £100,000++

On a £300,000 estate you could save as much as £10,751.25 in fees alone!

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