HNW Tax Strategies

Tax Strategies for the well off

If you are worth £1m +, we offer a fee only planning service which can help you save tax, both now and in the future.

You may want to create a Charitable Foundation, a Family Trust, to consider taking your wealth offshore.

This service works as follows:

1) You (or your financial adviser, solicitor or accountant) send us a basic outline of your finances and objectives, in your own format.

2) Our tax planning professionals review this to see if they think they can help.  If they can:

3) A meeting is arranged to discuss strategy, costs and the way forward.  Until this is agreed, there are no costs, but you will appreciate that tailored services at this level are only inexpensive when compared with the potential savings.

Please contact our MD Stephen Pett  Initial enquiries can be faxed to 01323 740890 (FPS protected) in confidence. Without background information we can offer no comment.

More information:

Protection for your personal or Corporate Wealth

We are able to provide you, whether as an individual or as a trading entity, access to legitimate means to protect yourself and your property and indeed any other assets, from worldwide capital and income taxation liabilities.  The required restructuring of your assets and income streams is facilitated through access to wealth and tax protection strategies from within which your assets can then interact with the outside world and be enjoyed thereafter completely tax free.  These strategies are beyond they scope of most Financial Advisers, Solicitors or Accounts (though we will be pleased to work with your own advisers).

There are more than 200 tax havens around the world that are normally referred to as ‘tax efficient jurisdictions’.  Whilst any one of these would generally be of use to anyone wishing to mitigate, minimise or remove their tax exposure it is more sensible to use those jurisdictions that are close to home so there is no need to worry about extreme time differences and language difficulties; as a consequence the strategies available through us tend to use the Channel Islands, The Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Malta and Cyprus.

The strategies do not use transitory loopholes in tax law or “smoke and mirrors” to achieve their immediate and comprehensive protection of your assets and income streams; instead the restructuring is achieved under statutory protection and so as a consequence it is not then easily under threat of attack from the various tax authorities that might be involved but more particularly, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

All strategies are prepared and implemented by specialist legal staff, accountants and fiduciaries in close concert with you, the client; thus the end result provides and represents exactly what you require in terms of protection and access for yourself and your beneficiaries.  The protection provided is everlasting in that the control, management and enjoyment of the protected assets, or the value it represents, is available to each succeeding generation of beneficiaries without compromising their tax position.

For more information on how in the future you might protect your own assets and income legitimately from Capital Gains Tax, local Wealth Taxes, Inheritance Tax, Withholding Tax, VAT (or equivalent), Stamp Duty, Corporation Tax and Income Tax please email us an outline of your situation. Fees are substantial, but only a modest proportion of the savings which can be achieved.  EMAIL


Tax Strategy for High Net Worth Individuals or businesses – save CGT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax, SDLT