Lasting Powers of Attorney Health and Welfare are a much broader version of a living Will.

Advance Directives (Medical Directive) (often know as Living Wills in the UK)

are a badly underused and most important facility, which can go part way towards offering what a Personal Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney will do, at far lower cost: indeed, we believe it is sensible to write both as it costs up to £130 to register EACH LPA, and registration may never be required if a Medical Directive (which does not require Registration) is in place. as most people concentrate on the least important aspect of them.  They can accomplish two things:

  • Putting someone you appoint in charge of your medical decision making if you are unconscious or otherwise rendered incapable.  Without the appointment of a Medical Proxy, no one has any rights – not your husband, wife, partner or children.  They may be consulted, but their opinions have no real weight. The British Medical Association has made it a disciplinary offence to disregard a properly appointed Medical Proxy.  So everyone over 18 should appoint one, and single people and unmarried couples should consider doing so vital.
  • Making your views on treatments known in advance – some people have very strong views, others do not, and the Advance Medical Directive / Living Will can be tailored to give Medical Proxies wide latitude or none.
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Living Will or Advance Directive