Making a Last Will is just the start of a journey…

Make a Last Will and Testament and Lasting Powers of Attorney with real advice from professional Will Writers…. and, more importantly, let us help you to keep your Legal Planning up to date as:

  • Your circumstances change.  So your Last Will needs review with a professional will writer. (More money, less money, lottery win, living together, marriage, babies, getting older, grandchildren, falling out with family members etc etc.)   We offer an ongoing Review service.
  • Those you wish to look after have changes in fortune and needs.  Your Last Will needs review by a professional will writer. (Unstable marriages, unemployed children, wealthy children etc.)  We offer an ongoing Review service.
  • The Tax rules change and the Chancellor is after more of you heard earned cash. Again – review your Last Will. (Massive changes in Inheritance Tax mean most Wills written before late 2007 need amendment.)   We offer an ongoing Review service.
  • The Law changes and new opportunities and threats appear. (And it changes continually as Judges and Parliament change the rules.) We offer an ongoing Review service.
Wouldn’t it be good to have a trusted adviser to discuss these issues with as often as the need arises without worrying about the advice bill?   When founding Allied Professional Will Writers, we looked around the world for best practice, and adopted it to the long-term benefit of our clients and their families so we offer an ongoing Review service!

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We can organise your Last Will over the phone in around 30 minutes with a full and frank discussion of the options.  (We do need some preliminary information first.)

If you are comfortable writing your Last Will and Testament online without personal advice, CLICK HERE (you can upgrade to personal advice if you get stuck!)

Protect your family: Protect Yourself. A Last Will is the start of a journey.

We create purpose designed Asset Protection Wills, Business Protection Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Protective Property Trusts, Medical Directives, Lifetime Trusts, Probate Property Trusts and more.

Inheritance Tax (just because the Chancellor has changed the rules, you MUST have a Will to save IHT) and Asset Protection Wills are a speciality – Allied Professional Will Writers provide economical will writing and allied services by telephone (which means you can speak direct to a professional Will Writer for relatively little.) We can do this at a time convenient to you – day, evening or weekend. Even more importantly, we can help you keep it all up to date with our Peace of Mind Service. There is little point in writing a Last Will which becomes out of date rather soon than you expect, and does not get updated. Ask about our Peace of Mind Service for new and existing Wills.

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Most of our work is writing:

Last Will and Testaments, particularly Asset Protection and Inheritance Tax Wills and codicils for existing Wills.
Lasting Powers of Attorney so others can manage your affairs if you cannot
Advance Directives (or Living Wills) a much underused Legal Planning device
Powers of Attorney (- an inexpensive way of avoiding Lasting Power of Attorney registration fees as long as possible.)

We also offer access to economical Probate expertise in sorting out the Will (or lack of one) on death and dealing with Deeds of Variation and setting up and running Trusts, which are created in most Wills, and planning to reduce the impact of Inheritance Tax – a largely avoidable tax (if you plan properly)

Community Care “Tax” – a tax which can wipe out virtually your entire Estate and disinherit your children and grandchildren – without early advice from a professional will writer..

More complex problems we can help with are:

  • Keeping wealth in the family (and away from creditors and predators) – write an asset protection Will,
  • Business Succession Planning, protection and Tax reduction – writing a quality Will is crucial.
  • Staff Benefit Schemes – being a better employer brings financial benefits – writing a Will protects your staff,

Solutions for these problems include:

Writing Last Wills, Trusts, Family Settlements, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Tax Shelters and much more.

See also for our book on Inheritance Tax Planning.

We specialise in writing legal Last Will and Testaments, Lasting Powers of Attorney and helping you keep them up to date.

At the core of all our work is our Peace of Mind Service which is specifically designed  to help you keep your legal planning on track to protect the family from before birth to after death.    

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