SAVE Inheritance Tax – why pay it?

Simple opportunities for saving Inheritance Tax are still open to many

The simplest Inheritance Tax saving opportunity for married (and civil registered) couples is to make sure they have up to date and valid Wills, without which they will lose part of their Nil Rate Band tax free allowance, and, in most cases, dramatically handicap the finances of the survivor.

New Inheritance Tax Opportunities open UP..

Most forms of taxes are optional – but only “rich” people can afford the advice to avoid them! For us, a High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) will have a net worth in excess of £1m – not a lot these days!

Our High Net Worth Individual specialists can put together a plan to legally avoid most taxes, but the fees and complexity are such that most non HNWI would not even have the ability to pay the fees.

Nevertheless, it is possible to take an estate entirely out of Inheritance Tax  in a few days, to avoid CGT and most other taxes!  But not cheaply!

If you are a HNWI or adviser to them, feel free to email an outline of your situation and we will be happy to have a brief (free) chat with you to see if the potential savings are sufficiently urgent or important for the necessary fees to be raised.

Contact HERE or call 0800 298 5208 and ask for Steve Pett or our barrister- or better yet, email us a summary of your situation.

There are many ways of setting up a scheme to save Inheritance (we know – we wrote Inheritance Tax Secrets) and tax efficient Wills are one of the best, and the lowest cost – apart from just giving money away.

We can discuss this with you, but the following (amongst others) should be considered:

  • Debts – mortgages will not automatically be paid off by insurance, so your spouse may inherit the debt without the means to pay it.
  • Gifts made within the last seven years (sometimes 14 years).
  • Life insurances inappropriately set up (many are).
  • How is your home owned?
  • If care fees have been Council funded, will they “inherit” your home?
  • Have you been affected by the Phizackerly ruling?

Take action on Inheritance Tax

– email us or call our  Inheritance Tax,Trust and Estate Planning Hotline on 01323 741203.

Inheritance Tax – why pay  it?