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It is becoming increasingly clear from the huge positive response we’ve had to this site that there is a significant need for good information on Legal & Tax Planning. You realise that it is a desperate need to get organised but you (probably wisely) don’t feel comfortable putting yourself in the hands of professionals without at least some background understanding.  Bear in mind some solicitors have only a few minutes training in Will Writing years ago (though some are superb.)  You need to be sure that any adviser has had appropriate initial training, and also has a formal program of planned “Continuing Professional Development Programme” (ongoing training) specifically relevant to Wills etc.  It is useless being a highly qualified litigator or conveyancer if you are advising on Wills and Trusts. You would be amazed how many so called professionals think Will Writing is “easy”!  Put them on the spot and ask.

As a result of the massive response – and as a ‘thank you’ for visiting our site, we have set up a FREE VIP Newsletter and some very useful downloads.

We have decided to give you thousands of pounds worth of free information which we will deliver by email to you – absolutely FREE. This advice could save tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in Tax, the knowledge you will gain can save you, your family (and friends) from untold and needless aggravation in dark and difficult times when sound planning could have saved the day.  Your parents need the knowledge, your children need you to be responsible in planning for things you don’t really want to think about, friends whose parents have recently died might benefit by £120,000+.  All you need to do is skim through our Newsletter every couple of weeks, and you will be  amazed what you learn.  Why not set up a special Legal Planning folder in your inbox to save them in?

Why are we giving you this information for nothing? Have we lost the plot? Perhaps, but first we hope this will be the beginning of a lifelong relationship and secondly, we’ve had enough of the fact that literally thousands of families in England and Wales are struggling needlessly because there’s nobody to show them how to set up and maintain a sensible Legal Plan. It’s no good waiting until someone has died unexpectedly or had a serious accident.  It is possibleyou are immortal but (let’s face it) pretty unlikely.

They’re wasting money on one off “advice” that doesn’t really hit the mark, they’re being given – not bad – but very basic ONE OFF advice in areas which are very personal and require some real thought if they are to be dealt with properly. It really doesn’t work to make an appointment to see a lawyer who just asks you want you want to do. THEY are (supposed to be) the experts, THEY are supposed to be giving you advice, THEY should be advising you that the advice needs to be reviewed regularly.  They just cannot do that without asking lots of questions – sometimes ones that may make you uncomfortable.   They need to understand you and your attitudes.

Quality, properly tailored Legal Planning can make a tremendous difference. It needn’t cost a fortune, but YOU do need to have a basic understanding of what is going on so you and your adviser are pulling in the same direction. That won’t happen unless you are asked a few tough questions! One of my missions is to get this vital information out to more people. I want to use the power of the Internet and Email to give you instant access to marketing and business information that you can use immediately to make a difference. We will send you tips, tricks, strategies and secrets that will grow your understanding and enable you to build your Legal Plans on SOLID foundations, and know what is going on (even if you don’t always understand the jargon!)

Some of the information you will be given access to:

€¢ Free Last Will and Testament Form – so at least you can have something in place immediately.

€¢ ebook “Inheritance Tax Secrets” which could potentially save your family a fortune in tax

€¢ Understanding of the various types of Legal Planning devices available such as Wills, Trusts, Enduring Powers of Attorney – and if we don’t explain in in language you understand, we hope you will tell us so we can improve the service!

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HERE is the FREE Last Will and Testament site – it is provided without advice or liability and will NOT suit everyone! It is an Acrobat document, so you need (free) Acrobat Reader to open it. 

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 Free Last Will – this form will help around half of the population, but proper advice from us is always best.