What are the costs for Wills and Testaments, discretionary Will Trust, Lasting Power of Attorney, Advance Medical Directives/ Living Wills, Protective Property Trust?

How important is the COST of Wills?

Costs for Wills vary enormously, and in most cases you get what you pay for. We are specialist Will Writers and our costs  for Wills are as low as they can be whilst still offering a quality service.

Costs for Wills etc

Our fee list also includes a really useful free 2 Minute Guide to Legal Planning, as well as our fees for Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney etc.  It is worth completing the form and returning it to us with the deposit fee (payable to The Probate Department Ltd ). We will then assess the form and call you back by appointment to discuss your situation before preparing a Will for your approval.  Alternatively, just give us a call on 0800 298 5208, have a brief chat, then if you wish, pay the £50 deposit by card (so you have a guarantee) and we’ll get straight on with it!

Costs for Wills

It isn’t so much the fees for Wills, it is the cost of not getting proper advice.   Failing to get proper advice can cost your family everything, and very, very few firms offer anything like the ongoing service we do.  Getting it right first time is never enough.  Your legal plans have to stay up to date and relevant in the light of tax changes, legal changes and family changes.  And we really can help there.  So please don’t think that costs for Wills is the only thing that matters.

Members of our Peace of Mind Service (via Will Custodian Ltd) will then have access to our free helpline, annual Review plus our invaluable Tax and Legal Review Newsletter.

* You just fill in a form giving basic details, return it with your cheque or card details. Our professional Will Writers then telephone you by appointment to talk things through. Then we send you Wills to approve and sign. All the instructions you need are supplied, and our helpline is available. Writing a Last Will, or Lasting Power of Attorney is quick, easy and above all effective – our way. No time off work or travelling or salesmen in your home.

And ongoing service too!

Costs for Wills etc