Our Check a Will service is for Wills made in England and Wales.

Not having a valid Last Will can be a disaster for the family. Check a Will can prevent such disasters.

Provided your Will is not too complex, for just £60, our Check a Will Service will check that it is valid and does what you think it should and give you a verbal report.  We’ll be happy to have a brief chat, after we have received your copy Will and a note of what you intend it to achieve. Often the language is not clear to the layman, and it is surprising how many Wills contain basic errors.

Just post us a copy including the signature page or email us a scanned copy.  Contact us first if sending the original. . We can provide re-assurance that your will is valid – or advise you what needs doing to make it effective.  Better yet, we’ll credit the £30 towards a new Will should it be necessary.  Or if you join our Peace of Mind Service which can help you get your legal planning up to date and keep it that way as the Law changes, your family situation changes and the Tax rules change.

Why check a will?

Many people write their own Wills, but are unsure that it is perfectly sound in law. Often they aren’t effective at all, as recent Law Commission research has shown.  If you do not have a correctly worded or signed Will, even if it is valid, you may find your will is open to being challenged. This can be costly and stressful for your loved ones which our Check a Will Service can prevent.

A Will may have been written years ago, and it may be uncertain that it protects your assets in the right way.

You can post copies (only) to.

Check a Will, The Probate Department Ltd 2 The Triangle Willingdon Eastbourne BN20 9PJ 01323 406299. Please include a cheque or call us first and may by credit card.

Alternatively, you can scan and email the document – call us to pay and get the correct email adress.

Check A Will.