Free Charity Codicils –  charity fundraising – creating Legacy income.

Charity Fundraising: as well as offering a comprehensive Legacy Income creation service, we are pleased to offer a FREE service to write free Charity Codicils leaving a Legacy to a registered Charity.  We have many other services which may help Charities and Schools to raise both immediate and Legacy income – just give us a call on 0800 298 5208 and ask for our MD Stephen Pett.  We can’t solve all your charity fundraising problems, but we can certainly help!  We can even set you up with your own charity fundraising Probate Department too – contact Steve for details.

Charity Fundraising

When you leave money to a registered charity, that amount can be left out of any Inheritance Tax calculations, so a £10,000 legacy could cost the Chancellor £4,000 and take just £6,000 out of your estate. If you are leaving 10% of your estate to charity, the benefit is even greater, though the calculations can be surprisingly complex.

Charity Fund Raising: take it to the next level.

We even have a revolutionary scheme where we can train your people up to take basic instructions for Wills and Powers of Attorney – and add to your funds immediately (or we can do it for you.) We always follow up to check things have been done correctly.

Just call us to receive the information you require or click the link below then click Send – and it will be emailed to you

Free Charity Codicil form and information Check out our Inheritance Tax Secrets ebook
(which we can also adapt to promote Legacy awareness for individual Charities)


We can also offer you your own Probate Department – at no cost!  Our Probate Service Trades as The Probate Department, so it is easy to white label the service to give you a closer tie in to legacy income and some extra revenue from the service.  Talk to us to find out just how much that could be!


We also have a free Will Service for those with very simple needs, and we will be happy to tailor this in an effort to encourage Legacy Giving through your being able to give away a version of our Free Will Kit.  Why not download a sample charity fundraising Will?

Free Charity Fundraising Codicils & Charity Fund Raising